My husband and I have noticed that our son typically uses his left hand over his right. We’ve noticed this in play, waving and eating. We’ve been working on Fisher’s pincer grasp this week and his left-handed dominance has been really noticeable. My husband and I are both right-handed, so it seems strange that our child would be a lefty?!?! From what I’ve read, the chance of being left-handed is relatively low. Seems odd. Question for parents: Has this been the case in your family, parents right-handed and child left? Did your baby’s dominant hand stay their dominant hand?

I’m predicting baby Fisher is going to be left-handed. Based on your experience, what do you think?

Fun Fact: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, and Albert Einstein is/were left-handed.

4 thoughts on “Handedness

  1. More than likely your son will be left-handed. According to my mother, she knew right away that my brother and I were lefty’s when we began feeding ourselves. She told me that she would put the cherrios on the right side of the highchair tray and we would either reach for them with our left hand or move them to the left side of the tray.

    My parents were right-handed, but both grandmothers were left-handed. My daughter is right-handed. Don’t fret about it. As long as your son is happy and healthy it really doesn’t matter what hand he uses.

    Even though we live in a right handed world, us lefty’s adapt and all is good.

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    • Thanks for sharing this! I think he’s going to be a lefty too. He’s actually been pretty ambidextrous but tends to favor his left. We are going to try crayons soon, that should be interesting :)! I really appreciate you reading and commenting!


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