Wine Down and Review

Baby’s fed, bathed, diapered, massaged, pajamaed, bottled, read night-times, and lights out……time for mommy to unwine and review! It’s been a busy week and weekend of growing and learning. Time to capture it in writing over a lovely glass of red wine. If the timing’s right, I hope you’ll join me!



Baby Fisher has had several big changes this week. He is nearing nine months old (8 months, 2.5 weeks to be exact) and changes every day. This week he has started accepting finger foods. He’s still not crazy about them, but is actively exploring what they have to offer. We’ve definitely had some battles over the fact that he would prefer to be fed smooth, creamy foods by mommy. We will work on his pincer grasp this week to help him better self feed. Just this week, Fisher has started standing in his crib and is yet to figure out how to get himself back down, so he starts crying. Going in and laying him back down without words, eye contact or stimulation seems to be getting him resettled. He is also assuming this “tripod position” in which he straightens his back legs randomly when crawling, which appears to be attempts to erect himself to standing position. It’s quite cute and he’s very persistent. He also constantly has bruised knees from crawling to undertake the many missions he has in a day. I have considered baby knee pads, ha! They do make them! A big change for baby Fish is that we dropped his dream feed this week. I dreaded the day we did this, but so looked forward to no longer having to wait up to feed baby his night bottle or draw straws with my husband to figure out who was going to do the dream feed. The transition from dream feed is a whole other post, but it’s been successful and welcomed! Since we are no longer doing the dream feed, we are no longer changing his diaper for that last time at night. This has resulted in Fisher soaking his diaper, pajamas, and sheets five nights in a row. This is where my baby product review comes into play. You may only wish to continue reading if you are a disposable diaper family.

I was beginning to think I needed to increase my recommended number of crib sheets on my baby essentials list, because suddenly I was changing baby’s crib sheets daily and couldn’t keep up with laundry. Not to mention that baby was waking up early because he was soaked with urine and I felt like the worst mom in the world for not attending to him sooner. We use Pampers Swaddlers and I love them for baby during the day, but they just couldn’t handle the night load. So, after a little research, I decided to try Pampers Baby Dry. They are advertised to provide 12 hours of protection and to my amazement, they do! The exterior of the diaper is not as soft or pliable as the Swaddlers, but we only use them to sleep so that’s not a problem. To date, baby Fisher has gone three nights in a row with dry pajamas and I haven’t had to do laundry, so I’m a big fan! We use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program to buy our diapers. If you have Amazon Prime, I would consider using it. The Subscribe and Save program offers twenty percent off diapers and they are delivered right to your door without any contractual obligations…..Just sayin! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for unwining with me. I hope you found it interesting and helpful!



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