Mommy Brain

I have found that ever since having a baby, I’ve been so absent-minded. Not sure if it’s from sleep deprivation, having my mind on the million things I need to do, or I’m just losing it! I often ask myself, “how many times do you have to forget before you learn your lesson?!” I’ve heard that this is called mommy brain. So I thought, maybe if I write these things down, they will stick! If this happens to you, please add to the list and hopefully it will help you remember too!

How many times do I have to forget:

  • Leaving the dog’s poop bag in the stroller basket….Wtf?!?!
  • Putting baby’s pants on before buttoning his onesie
  • To change baby’s soiled sheets
  • To take baby’s picture when he turns a new month old with that months sticker on him
  • The dirty diaper in the diaper bag
  • My coffee in the microwave!
  • The laundry in the washer and the dryer
  • To change baby’s diaper before strapping him in his car seat…..happens all the time!

I would love to know that I’m not in this alone. If you fall victim to mommy brain, please share!


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