8 Months Old Milestones

Baby Fisher is getting very strong and developing new skills so fast I can’t keep up. He is now mobile on all fours and is preparing to take off on two! He is babbling and making new sounds each day. He now says mama and dada within context and he certainly understands more and more every day. So let’s take a look at what’s typically expected at 8 months of age.

  • Explores objects by shaking, banging, dropping, and throwing them
  • Loves to see things fall down and get picked up
  • Begins to understand that objects have cause (points remote at tv)
  • Begins using objects for intended purposes (brushes hair with brush, holds phone to ear)
  • May start showing signs of separation anxiety
  • Pulls up and cruises while holding on to things
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Holds or supports own bottle
  • May begin waving and clapping hands
  • Passes objects from hand to hand
  • Uses pincer grasp (grabs small objects using thumb and forefinger)
  • Produces 3 or more consonants
  • Begins to use gestures and vocalizations to communicate
  • Begins to look at or point to familiar objects or pictures when named
  • Responds to name when called
  • Responds to “no”

It’s important to note that babies develop at their own unique rate. Babies are not cookie cutters, their development is highly variable. If you have any questions about your baby’s development, talk with your pediatrician.

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