Baby Proofing

My baby started army crawling a few weeks before turning eight months old. He mastered crawling on all fours the day he turned eight months old. This was such an interesting progression to watch. Now he is all over the place and requires constant supervision to stay safe. Needless to say, it’s time to baby proof our home. I’ve pretty much moved all breakable items out of reach and put baby friendly items in their place. The dog’s water and food bowls are an issue and the fireplace. Both of which are Fishers must go to places. He is also a master at finding floor registers, dangling cords and power outlets. Cordless shades are a must! So far I’ve ordered classic outlet plugs, a baby gate, and magnetic cabinet locks. I have a “Fisher cabinet” in the kitchen that I redirect him to when I need to do things in the kitchen, which is a good majority of my day. I have Tupperware and baby friendly pots, utensils, and cups in there. It’s working out good! One thing’s for sure, baby proofing will be a dynamic process as Fisher grows and develops. Maybe I will lose some of this baby weight chasing him around! Please share any ideas/products that you recommend or don’t recommend to help keep babies safe! I would love to see your thoughts!

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