Mommy Milestone

Since my little man has turned eight months old, he’s rapidly gaining new skills. He went from army crawling to mastering crawling on all fours in a matter of a few days, he’s beginning to imitate actions such as waving, he’s imitating sounds and words, he’s pulling up to standing postion with support, and developing many new play skills. So, so cool!

Mommy has celebrated a few milestones as well. I’ve officially pulled the plug on my breast pump and weaned baby from nursing. I was stoked to throw my worn out, unsexy, uniboob nursing bras in the trash! They’ve been my life for 8 months so I had to take a picture to document it! I have many mixed feelings about weaning baby from the breast. I go back and forth between thoughts of sadness and elatedness. It’s hard to think about not being able to feed my baby anytime, anywhere by putting him to my breast and then there’s the missing sensation of bonding and skin to skin contact. But then I have this great sense of accomplishment, that I’m rearing an independent little man and the sooner he becomes less dependent on momma the sooner momma has time to do the many things in life that need to be done. It seems to be a natural progression. All of the time I was spending pumping and washing breastpump parts, I now spend chasing my crawling adventurer around.

When baby Fisher turned eight months old, I had my mind made up that he would be fully weaned from breast feeding. So I stuck to my guns and did exactly that. I started reducing feedings and pumpings at six months in preparation and ever so quickly the time has come. It’s a tough decision to make and one that can’t be done cold turkey. It’s also one that you shouldn’t go back on, once you make the decision, it’s best for mommy and baby that you stick firm to it. No turning back, even though I can promise you, little voices in your head will make you reconsider. Stay strong!! Of course you get lots of advise and recommendations on what you should do but ultimatley you have to do what’s best for your family’s lifestyle. When the time is right, you and your baby will know. Fisher let me know when he pretty much became disinterested in breastfeeding and was so distracted that he would constantly latch and unlatch. Basically telling me, I don’t have time for this mommy, give me a big boy cup and let me see the world. You have to trust your mommy intuition, it won’t steer you wrong. So I celebrate my accomplishments and say sayonara nursing bras and breast pump, until next time!!


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