New Baby Essentials

Speechbaby’s mommy is back in action now that the fog has lifted from a fun date night with daddy at Jimmy Buffett’s concert. Today I went to my best friend’s baby shower. This made me think back to my baby shower and all of the great and not so great things I got. I thought to myself, if I had it to do over again, what would I do differently? So I decided to make a list of new baby essentials and non-essentials to help new and registering moms out. The list is practically endless, babies need a lot!

New baby essentials broken down:


  • Diaper disposal-I love my Diaper Dekor Plus Pail, no complaints with this one, can choose f
  • Diapers-one pack of newborn size (you may or may not use these) and as many size ones as you can get, baby will be in them in no time, we use Amazon’s subscription service-subscribe and save- it saves us some money and diapers are delivered right to your door (if you have Amazon Prime)
  • rom lots of fun colors too, we have gray
  • Wipes-you will want travel wipes as well to throw in your diaper bag, you can’t have enough baby wipes!
  • Zip-up onesies– (a few in newborn, lots in in 0-3/3-6mos), TRUST ME on the zip-up feature, think about middle of the night diaper changes!
  • Gowns-great for diaper changes and umbilical stump care, every time I went to Target I bought more, get at least 5
  • Swaddle blankets-I registered for the Miracle Blanket, it works well for a lot of folks but didn’t for us, we ended up buying Summer Infant SwaddleMe Blankets that velcroed, they did the trick!
  • Baby Monitor-I love my iBaby M6 Monitor. It works on Wi-Fi so I can view baby from anywhere that I have Wi-Fi! Glad we splurged on this, we actually bought two (one for travel)
  • Sound Machine-This has been great for us because we live in a townhome and it helps to reduce noise in baby’s room. I love the DOHM natural white noise sound machine, we bought 2!
  • Pack N Play– recommend one with a changing station and storage
  • Pack N Play sheets-Pack N Plays require specific sheets
  • Boppy Pillow-great for nursing in the beginning months then useful as a positioning pillow for tummy time and when baby starts sitting up
  • CD player– Against my husband’s advice, I bought a CD player and so glad I did. We play it every day. This cute little cube, Jenson CD Boombox jives with our nursery nicely.
  • RockaBye Baby Lullaby Rendition CDsWe have Dave Matthews Band, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. My husband questioned me on the Michael Jackson one….
  • Board books
  • Soft bristle hair brush
  • Diaper cream-My favorite is Boudreaux’s Natural Butt Paste, Maximum strength with 40% zinc oxide, works like a charm! I’ve tried several.
  • Pacifiers-have them on hand, you can choose whether to use them or not later, I bought many different brands/types, Fisher liked MAM brand best, get clips to go with them
  • Burp cloths– you’ll want them in every room for the first year
  • Gentle laundry detergent– Get ready to do baby laundry! I’m a big fan of Dreft, smells so sweet
  • Humidifier– Nursery must have for when baby gets stuffy and sick. A good one is hard to find. After several lemons, I went with the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier. It’s simple to use, quiet and has a large capacity. It also goes with our nursery decor well.

Baby Activity:

  • Play gym– Baby Fisher got tons of use out of his Baby Einstein Nautical Friends Play Gym, hated to see him grow out of this, it was a go to!
  • Baby swing– Used this to convince baby to sleep for more than an hour at a time, borrow one if you can
  • Bouncy seat– We didn’t invest in one of these initially but it didn’t take us long to order once baby arrived. The Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy served its purpose for around 4mos or until baby starts to roll over. I chose this one because it was gender neutral, sweet and cozy, and inexpensive
  • Soft rattles– for when baby begins to grasp, I remember trying to find these, they are hard to find
  • Links– I went out  in search of these when baby was 3 weeks old to give him something to hold and shake, they are great for hooking toys to car seats, strollers, high chairs, and mats
  • OBall toys– These are great for tiny fingers to grasp, we have tons of them!
  • Sophie la Girafe– she’s for real, baby loves her

On The Go:

  • Sun shade for your car– necessary,I didn’t buy this at first but wish I would have, you may want two if you use more than one car, we use this Brica Smart Shade without complaints
  • Front baby carrier– there are many on the market, we went with the Baby K’Tan and Baby Bjorn and use both frequently, we went with the basic models and they’ve met our needs without troubles
  • Stroller– Go for one that is light and will fit easily into your car. I LOVE, LOVE my City Mini GT by Baby Jogger
  • Car seat with additional base– There are tons of car seats on the market, do your research to find the right one for your baby, they will spend a lot of time in it. After much homework, we went with the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35. Make sure to install and give your car seat a trial run before baby gets here, you can’t leave the hospital without a properly installed car seat. Also, we discovered that babies get hot in their car seats, so we opted for a light colored one vs. a dark one that may attract additional heat.
  • Diaper bag– LOVE my Kate Spade Stevie diaper bag, some said it wasn’t big enough, I wouldn’t want it to hold any more, I’d never find anything!
  • Bottle bag cooler– you will most likely get a free one from somewhere but I recommend having 2, especially when you start having to travel with baby food. This Boppy one has worked well for our frequent travel.
  • Shopping cart cover– get one with loops to hook toys on

Medicine Cabinet:

  • Baby nail clippers-there is nothing easy about trimming baby nails, good luck!
  • Infants’ Tylenol
  • Saline mist- Boogie Mist is my go to
  • Nasal aspiratorNose Frida The Snotsucker  is an interesting new concept, the bulb has never worked out for me, this is a little more user and baby friendly
  • Digital thermometer– make sure you buy one that reads in Fahrenheit, I bought one that reads in Celsius so I have to convert the temp-so annoying!
  • Boogie Wipes


  • Baby bath tub– I registered for and got an expensive one (4moms-never even put batteries in it to see the water temp), ended up going out and buying a cheapo, The First Years Newborn to Toddler Tub, the sling feature worked out great during the newborn stage.
  • Baby wash cloths– you may think you will need more, but you don’t, get 2-4
  • Hooded towels– need 2-3, Aden and Anais makes cute ones
  • Baby shampoo and body wash– recommend the combination, I’m devoted to Aveeno products
  • Baby lotion– I’m a big fan of baby massage after baths, we use Aveeno Lavender and Vanilla Lotion


  • Bottles– after much research, I chose Tommee Tippee, mostly for the nipple like nipple, make sure to get multiple flow nipples
  • Bottle warmer– I bought and returned several, finally I was happy with the Cuisinart Baby Bottle Warmer. It’s very easy to use and compact.
  • Dish drying rack– you will definitely need a mat or rack. I use a combination of Boon Grass Drying Rack and a dish drying mat
  • Dishwasher basket– I didn’t get one at first, of course as a new mommy, I hand-washed everything with organic baby soap but now that baby’s eating solids and the dishes are piling up, everything goes in the dishwasher. I use my basket everyday.
  • High chair– you won’t need it until baby is around 3-4mos old but we were glad to have it available and ready when we started using it. Love our Peg Perego Siesta, it fits nicely into our decor without screaming BABY!
  • Bottle brush– I went with the OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner because it had a stand
  • OXO Tot On The Go Drying Rack– great for on the go dishes

Mama’s Needs:

  • Maxi pads– yes, they need to say “maxi”
  • Nipple cream –Just one tube, I was ready to buy out the store at first but you really only need a little, the pain should subside a few weeks out, if it doesn’t, consult a lactation specialist. Lasinoh HPA Lanolin worked for me!
  • Nursing bras– They are terribly unsexy and provide little support but make life a lot easier if you are nursing. I used Bravado Designs, I never tried any others so I don’t have a comparison. I got by with 3.
  • Stool Softener– need I say more???

BIG Ticket Items:

I’m very frugal and did lots of research when preparing my baby registry. I spent hours comparing prices and products. There are a few key items that I’m glad we splurged on. Baby spends a large majority of his/her time with these items so get good ones! There’s a good chance you won’t get these at your baby shower, so set some money aside and go for good quality!

  • Changing pad– I purchased an inexpensive one based on reviews and sent it back, it was very thin and flimsy, I went with the Colgate Memory Foam 3 Sided Contour Changing Pad, it’s nice and comfy, I found it at BuyBuy Baby. Recommend memory foam if you can find one. Baby spends tons of time here!
  • Crib mattress– I had no idea how much time a newborn spent sleeping and I still think back and wish I wouldn’t have fretted about all that snoozing. Babies need to sleep to rest their rapidly growing minds so make sure they have a nice comfy resting place. Do your research on the latest and the greatest. I went with the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer, Dual Firmness. I learned the firmer the better for baby. Make sure to get one that has both infant and toddler sides.
  • Stroller– Can’t say enough about my City Mini GT by Baby Jogger. It’s perfect for being out and about. It turns on point and rolls with great ease. We did have to purchase a conversion kit for our car seat. We used this until baby was six months old then we transferred to the big boy side of the stroller.
  • High Chair– Choose wisely, you will be looking at it for the next 2-3 years. Love our Peg Perego Siesta, it’s aesthetically pleasing.
  • Car Seat– Price goes up for increased safety and features. We did a lot of research and decided to go with the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35.

Return worthy items:

I remember asking friends after my shower, “Do I need this?” Here are things I got extras or duplicates of and returned.

  • Receiving/swaddle blankets- while I wanted every single print Aiden and Anais had to offer, you really only need 3 or 4 light blankets, the rest sit nicely folded until one day you finally clean out those drawers
  • Bath toys- recommend one set, you will most likely get more, return them!
  • Changing pad covers- need 2-3, I thought I would need more, but it’s not necessary
  • Hooded bath towels and wash cloths- I got a lot of these and wish I had returned them, you just don’t use that many, need 3-4 max
  • Crib sheets- recommend 3,  I have more but never use them

You will likely get some of these things at your baby shower but a lot of things are left for parents to buy. And while I know you will be tempted to buy things before having your baby shower, I encourage you to wait! You will also get things that aren’t on your registry. Be prepared for a return to store trip. Babies need so many things, I’m sure I left something off. If you think of any thing to add to the list, let me know!







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