Good Reads for Baby

The bathtub, pool, car, restaurants, shopping, bath books can pretty much be toted anywhere. They are great for introducing reading, books, and concepts of print. They are soft, great size for baby hands, and water-resistant. Some have rattles or squeakers in them for added attention grabbing. They are also fabulous because baby can chew, spit up, drool, drop, pull, shake, and trample on them. Bath books are on my list of diaper bag essentials and perfect for traveling because you can wipe them clean. My son reads/looks at/plays with his often. Check out some of the bath books we have in our collection and please share any you recommend!


Let bath books be baby guided. Allow baby to explore and do as he/she wishes with them. This will help to create a positive association with books!Β 

My little man enjoying his book. I love that he chose the book out of all of his other toys!


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