~#@* happens…..

Now that baby has been fed, bathed, diapered, lotioned, gums brushed, pajamaed, nursed, read night times, and put to bed, I can sit back with a glass of red wine and reflect on what just happened to me. If you keep up with my blog you know that I make my baby’s food. I may have forgotten to mention that nutritious, delicious foods lead to healthy, hearty poop. With that being said, after feeding baby supper tonight, taking him out of his high chair, and headed to his nursery, I smelled a strong scent of you guessed it, poop. As I go to put baby on his bare changing pad, which was uncovered because I hadn’t put on a clean changing pad cover from him peeing on one earlier in the day, I realized I have poop going up my side and baby has it going out of his diaper, up his side, and all over his onesie. Nevermind the poop on my shirt, I’m Β thinking….. “How do I get this onesie off of him?” So I decided to roll the poop area of the onesie inward and successfully got the onesie off without smearing poop on baby’s face. Proud of my accomplishment, I look down to see that baby has put his foot in his poopy diaper and is smearing it all over. As I began using wet wipes to clean it up, he peed on me. Baby Fisher was laughing hysterically and I was taking deep breaths thinking….. “You got this.” So to the bathtub we went! Bath went well, Fisher loves baths. But I had to clean poop off the side of the tub which came from my shirt. Last but not least, as I’m breathing a sigh of relief about to put baby in his crib for the night, I realize I’m laying him in pee sheets that needed to be changed from last nights soaking. You can’t make this &@*^ up! #momlife. Time to disconnect, thanks for reading!

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