Making Baby Food: Strawberries

Spring time is strawberry time and there’s nothing like fresh strawberries. Not only are they fun to go out and pick (a great family activity), they are rich in nutrients, and good ones are sweet and juicy. I enjoy them and my baby sees me eat them on my cereal so I thought, “why not share them with him?” Of course, you can’t just give baby strawberries without fear. They, like everything else baby related, have a warning label. Strawberries are considered a high allergen food and some sources recommend not introducing them to baby until 12 months of age. We do not have a family history of food allergies, so I decided to share the strawberry experience with my baby. He enjoyed strawberries without difficulty. Check with your child’s pediatrician before introducing strawberries to your baby.

How to make strawberry puree:

  1. Β Wash strawberries and remove leaves and stems
  2. Quarter or half strawberries and place in blender
  3. Chop/blend to desired consistency
  4. Pour into food storage trays
  5. Label, date, and freeze

*Strawberries naturally make a thin puree so I did not add any liquid

*For older babies (10mos +) mash strawberries up with a fork or masher instead of pureeing

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