We are back in action with nursing today! Fisher latched on this morning but it was difficult for him. He continues to be congested and latches and unlatches frequently to catch his breath. But at least he’s nursing! It helps to give him a saline nasal spray and suction before nursing him. Boogie Mist, Nose Frida, and Boogie Wipes have gotten us through the last couple days.

At seven months old, my little dude has so much going on developmentally. He is so close to crawling and has all of the prerequisites going on to prepare for it. He is doing everything but crawling scooting, pushing, pulling, reaching, and lots of rolling. Just yesterday I found him sitting up in his crib. First time he’s done that! He is now going from laying down to sitting up independently and there is no stopping him. He has also started standing with support over the last two days. Prior to this he would always assume a sitting position when we tried to get him to stand. He is going from sitting to falling forward and holding himself up on his arms. He hasn’t figured out how to get his legs positioned to take off and crawl yet. It’s just a matter of time and I hope I have the video camera ready. His daddy, Mimi, and Pawpaw are eager for him to crawl (as pictured below). I on the other hand, think we should let nature take its course, no need to rush. After all, I’m the one who’s going to be chasing him around.


Provide babies time to process information within their environment (at least ten seconds), if you are working on standing, clapping, or raising their arms to be picked up, give them extra time to process the information and perform the action. I like to call it “wait time.”

Place baby’s toys within sight but slightly out of reach to encourage crawling, this also promotes problem solving skills.

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