Baby Essentials: Medicine Cabinet

As I sit, pump, and blog, baby Fisher has woken from his very short catnap. His morning nap is usually a hour and a half to two hours long but not today. Today, thirty minutes.Β  He is not feeling well. If you’re a mom, you know that if baby is sick their sleep is interrupted. He woke up yesterday with a clear runny nose and sneezing, I thought to myself, this is going to be a long day and night. And it was. Fisher normally sleeps through the night but last night he awoke several times in discomfort. His runny nose turned into a stuffy nose. We tried to satisfy him with his pacifier but he was unable to comfortably coordinate sucking and breathing, so he just spit it out. Then we went to the medicine cabinet. There is very little you can give a sick baby under two years of age. We went with saline spray, the nasal aspirator, Tylenol, and lots of TLC! This alleviated his discomfort and allowed him to get some sleep. Poor baby! Based on past experience, I figured Fisher would go on a nursing strike (a stuffy nose can make nursing uncomfortable) this morning. So before I tried to nurse him, I flushed his nose with saline to loosen mucus, used the nasal aspirator, and let him sit for a minute to clear his nasal passages and he nursed! Good thing because we are running low on breast milk. Since the products we used helped our baby be more comfortable, I thought I would share them below.

  • Infants’ Tylenol-At first I was very hesitant of giving baby any type of medicine, but now it’s a no-brainer and my go to. It works! Fisher prefers grape flavor over the cherry but grape flavor can be hard to find so if you see it, may want to grab it!
  • Boogie Mist-I’ve tried several other saline sprays and this one works the best for us. It fits baby’s nostril nicely, has an angled spray nozzle, and comforting scent.
  • NoseFrida nasal aspirator-It’s not great but works better than the nasal bulb for me. The tubing kept coming off the mouth piece and nose piece, I was ready to throw it away and then I finally got snot!! It’s much easier if you have someone to help you.
  • Boogie Wipes-they are great for most anything, gentle on baby’s skin, diaper bag essential!
  • The Honest Company Organic Breathe Easy Rub-helps with congestion, has a refreshing smell, rubs in easily, I put it on baby’s chest, back, and bottoms of his feet.
  • Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier-A humidifier is a must have for sick babies! We did a lot of research and went with the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier. We’ve been happy with it. It is reasonably priced, easy to fill and operate, has a large water tank that last all night, is silent, and delivers a nice clean mist without getting things damp or wet.

Fisher has only been sick once so as parents we are pretty inexperienced with it. His dad and I still look at each other like, “what should we do?” But I think we did good! We are not sure if he has a cold from the changes in weather, is teething (about time for that), or if it’s allergies. One thing’s for sure, sick babies need lots of extra love and attention so take deep breaths and put yourself in their baby booties!

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