Crib shoes: Too cool for school

Today we worked on not eating our shoes! Fisher was too cool for school in his new shoes today. He got a pair of Vans Sk8-hi crib shoes. They are so stinking cute and he was given lots of compliments when we went out. But, he figured out how to unvelcro them and take them off within seconds. After many, many repetitions of mommy placing his shoes back on his feet, saying “shoes go on feet,” and redirecting him with another toy, he got the gist. He has 3 pairs of crib shoes (soft bottom shoes). His first pair were UGG Bixbee booties and they were great first shoes, especially during the cold months. They fit nicely, were very soft and warm, and went well with all of his outfits. Highly recommend these for newbies! He has just outgrown them in time for warm weather. He also has Sperry Top-Sider Cruz Crib JR Boat Shoes. They are adorable and dress up nicely. Fisher really likes his Sperrys! Β We get tons of compliments on these too. The great thing about crib shoes is they also double as toys and teethers. Don’t worry, their soles never touch the floor, unless they are dropped or fall off. Which does happen, a lot!

Tip: Check often to make sure that baby has both of his shoes on. It’s very easy to lose baby shoes and having just one is NO good!



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