Making baby food: Yellow Squash

Yellow squash is yummy to my baby. I like it because it adds color to his meals. If I could, I would offer baby yellow, orange, and green colored foods with each meal. But there are only so many yellow veggies, so we tend to have squash a lot. Colorful fruits and veggies are not only attractive to baby but they are nutritious! Mommy likes to incorporate beets into meals because they are pretty and purple, but baby’s not a big fan. And they smell like dirt, so I get it. Yellow squash purees easily but squash has a lot of water in it, so it can be thin and runny. I usually add a little baby cereal (oatmeal) to thicken it up before I serve it to baby.

From farm to table:

  1. Wash squash, slice, and cut into halves
  2. Place in food processor and steam with recommended amount of water (I had some extra carrots that I threw in)
  3. When complete, drainΒ the steam water (this is an important step because squash has so much natural water in it that it does not need extra liquids to puree)
  4. Chop/puree until desired texture
  5. Scoop into storage trays
  6. Label with date and contents
  7. Freeze
  8. Pop out individual servings and place in the refrigerator to thaw the night before serving. You can also defrost in the microwave, I just make sure to use glass containers when I do this-my preference.

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