7 months: Look who’s talking!

Just this week, baby’s variations in vocalizations has significantly increased. This is also known as babbling (when a baby uses speech sounds rather than crying). He’s figuring out how to use his articulators (tongue, lips, jaw, palate-what we use to shape speech sounds) to make sounds and syllables. He is reduplicating syllables using the consonants /m,n,l,d,w/. Up until now he demonstrated only vowel sounds and coos. Now he’s saying “mamama, nanana, lalala, wawawa, dadada”- so cool! Randomly he will come out with a word clear as day. I know it’s just vocal play at this point, but he’s talking!! He has a lot to say, especially when we are out in public places like restaurants…..fun, fun for mommy and daddy who get the eye rolls of people wishing they could change their seats.

Around 7-12 months of age babies begin using consonant sounds such as /t, d, n, m/. They start imitating speech sounds, so give them lots of direct models (face to face) to help them learn to produce the sounds. Engage baby in vocal turn-taking. For example, take turns making raspberries, squealing noises, or vocalizing sounds like “mamamama” back and forth.

And yes……… “Mama” was his first word!!!



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