Making baby food: Avocado

Avocados are one of my son’s favorite foods. I think he likes that they are smooth and creamy. I’m making them chunkier this go round to help prepare him for chewing foods!

Avocados can be tricky! They have to be the perfect ripeness. Over ripe or under ripe makes them not taste well and more difficult to work with. They are typically not ripe when you buy them in the grocery store and I usually have to wait a couple days until they are soft and slightly indent to light pressure. I do not recommend attempting to make baby food with hard avocados. So let’s get started…..

  1. I scooped avocado into my chopper
  2. I poured approximately 2 ounces of formula in with it to make it puree smoothly
  3. Next, I purΓ©ed the avocado to my desired consistency using the chop feature of my food processor
  4. Then, I spooned it into my freezer tray, I placed the extras in individual containers and placed them in the refrigerator to use over the next few days (fyi….avocado turns brownish color when left in the fridge, it’s best to be used within 1-2 days after making or thawing)
  5. Finally, I labeled the containers with contents and date
  6. In the freezer it goes!

Of note….

Four avocados yielded 12 meals

Use more liquid for thinner puree, use less liquid and less chopping for chunkier

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