Out with the old….

Anyone with children knows, they grow out of things very quickly. Parents must make the decision to store, sell, or give things away. We are choosing to store, in case baby number 2 comes a long. To give new parents some insight and document my little mans rapid growth, here are things he’s no longer able to use at 6 1/2 months old:

  • Baby swing-he is no longer interested in laying on his back, mommy and daddy are tired of seeing it too!
  • Baby tub-now that he’s sitting up good, it’s much easier to bathe him in the big tub
  • Basinet feature of his pack and play-he’s able to pull up on the sides, gotta go!
  • Bumbo seat-only used it a handful of times when he was first learning to sit, would recommend borrowing this if you can
  • Bouncy seat-like the swing, he’s no longer interested in being confined to his back, unless he’s really tired, our dog is the only one who uses it!
  • Play gym-after pulling the bars down on himself and being found several feet away from his play mat, we say sayonara! It’s a sad day because this was a go to!
  • Size 1 diapers– just used the last size one today, graduated to size two!
  • Size 6 mos clothes– mommy keeps trying to make them work and daddy keeps saying they gotta go. Baby’s only worn them once…..ugh!!

Tip: Buy gender neutral as much as possible! 


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