Notes on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Today I attended a continuing education course on autism spectrum disorder. It was a good day! It was my first full day away from baby (which was good for both of us) and it was a good refresher on all things related to autism, which I frequently work with in my practice as a speech-language pathologist. I want to briefly share my take aways:

  • Autism is a neurobiological disorder of development.
  • It presents with 2 core deficits: social communication deficits and restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interest, or activities. These deficitsΒ are pervasive (occur across settings) and interfere with daily function.
  • Autism is a language based disorder.
  • Children with autism respond best to visuals, routines, and predictability within their environments.
  • Always, always, always use visuals to provide clear indication of what happens next, where you are going, and expected behavior

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