Liquid Gold

All breast feeding and pumping moms know how valuable breast milk is! Unfortunately, I’ve never made enough breastmilk to store and never get uncomfortably engorged. We pretty much live breastmilk to breastmilk, bottle to bottle. So when I started my period 4 months post natal, my milk supply significantly reduced and baby decided to go on a nursing strike. I’m not sure if the nursing strike was a result of hormonal flavor changes in my milk due to starting my period or if it happened due to cold or something else and the lack of stimulation resulted in my period starting. Anyway, during the nursing strike, I felt like I pumped non-stop. I was constantly washing pump parts and only getting 1 ounce of milk maybe two if I were real lucky. This was after 45 minutes of pumping. Our pediatrician recommended I take fenugreek. I chose to go with Lactation Plus by The Honest Company. It’s the only product I’ve tried, so I have no comparison, but I’ve been pleased with the results. However, I take 1,220 mg (2 capsules twice a day) and the directions suggest 610 mg (2 capsules once daily). My doctor said I could safely take 5,490 mg per day. I have read that if you don’t smell like maple syrup, then you’re not taking enough. And, I didn’t when I followed the package directions but when I increased to 1,220 mg, I sensed a faint maple syrup smell when I took a shower. Weird, I know! My milk supply increases from 1-2 ounces per breast to 3-4 ounces when I take the supplement. I take it intermittently for a week or two when my milk supply drops. I tried eating oatmeal as well but didn’t see much of a difference. This seems to work for some moms. I also referred toΒ—an-herb-to-increase-milk-supply.


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