First time for everything

We had several firsts today….

-Watch out, MAMA’S BACK! Mommy had her first haircut and mani/pedi since baby was born. Whew, feel like a new woman!

-Mommy left baby with a babysitter for longer than an hour. The babysitter was my best friend, so that made it easier. But my goodness, it takes you longer to prepare and pack than you will actually be away from your baby. It’s unbelievable all the things a tiny little bundle of joy requires!

-Mommy treated baby’s constipation with a suppository. Luckily my experienced friend was there to guide me through. She broke off a small piece of the suppository, rolled it between her fingers, and popped it right in. It took a few tries because baby was pushing back but to my surprise he didn’t cry or resist the treatment. Within 15 mins we had poop!

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