Shopping trip for baby

Buy Buy Baby is a baby superstore that has pretty much anything baby you need. Fortunately, we live close to one but I only go if I have a coupon! Today I had 4 coupons which was great because they let you use multiple coupons in one transaction. But, your items have to meet the fine print criteria. I had to replenish some baby essentials today so I thought I would share some of the things I bought to make life with a 6 month old a little easier.

New bottle brush-

If your bottle/dish brush is old, do yourself a favor and buy a new one! I’ve been using the same bottle brush for 6 months. The bristles were flattened across the top, they wouldn’t enter small spaces, and I had to scrub really hard. I decided to buy a new brush today and it has made such a difference in my dish washing efficiency and effectiveness. Since much of my life now is spent washing baby dishes, I will make sure to retire old, worn out dish brushes sooner rather than later. I’ve been very happy with the OXO tot bottle brush with nipple cleaner and stand.

Dekor plus diaper pail refills

We use the Dekor Plus Hands Free Diaper pail and this is the first refill pack I’ve had to buy. The refills last a long time. We have been very pleased with our diaper pail. It has a sleek look and great design.

Baby buddy 360 toothbrush

Jury’sΒ still out on this purchase. Being a speech therapist, oral care is very important to me. I’ve been using a finger brush with my son since he started solids at 4 months old. The earlier the better to get baby used to something rubbing around in his mouth and prepare them to accept and understand the importance of toothbrushing. It’s good to incorporate oral care in morning and bedtime routines. So I thought we’d try a more toothbrush looking toothbrush!

Lactation Plus by The Honest Company

It’s kind of hard to find. I use it to boost my milk supply!

Brica sun shade for my car-

Must have, baby will be very appreciative! I like this shade because it installs from the bottom and goes up and down with the window. It was easy to install and is decent looking.

Tommee Tippee and JJ Cole Collections bibs-

As we delve deep into eating solids and liquids, just can’t have enough bibs! Jury’s still out on which I prefer.

Munchkin, soft tip infant spoons

Initially I thought one pack of six was enough but went back for more. It’s necessary! I like these because of the small, narrow spoon bowl and soft, pliable tip. They fit babies small mouths nicely. My baby responds well to them.

Bath book-

Highly recommend bath books. I’ve been in search of more since we received The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister as a gift. My son loves it. He likes the sensory experience of holding, tasting, crinkling, and looking at the simple pics. They are great for taking on the road since they can be easily wiped clean. I was excited to find Sandra Boynton’s Bath Time! bath book today.

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