Daily schedule: 6 months

  • 7am-wake up and diaper change
  • 715am-nurse then sit up and play with toys
  • 830am-eat solids-trial new solid and pair with fruit/cereal, water from cup
  • 9am-get dressed, read books, crib to nap-length of nap is inconsistent
  • 1030am-nurse
  • 1045am-play time
  • 1230pm-eat solids-veggie and fruit, water from cup
  • 1pm-read books, crib to nap
  • 230pm-nurse
  • 3pm-play time, take a walk outside
  • 4pm-short nap
  • 5pm-nurse
  • 6pm-eat solids-veggies, water from cup
  • 630pm-bath, baby massage with lotion, pajamas
  • 7pm-breastmilk bottle
  • 715pm-read books
  • 730pm-crib for the night
  • 1030pm-change diaper, dream feed breastmilk bottle, right back to crib

*This is a very general schedule, no two days are alike, the times fluctuate but I try to keep the routine the same

*We typically take baths every other night

*Provide the least amount of stimulation possible at the dream feed (no lights or talking)

*Daddy usually does the bottle feeds so baby gets used to different feeding sources




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