Drink choices

I often work with parents in my speech therapy sessions on providing choices for their little ones to pick from. This assists with communication and reduces meltdowns. This typically works great with a two year old. So why not try it with my six month old??? He gets both milk (formula) and water in cups at meal times. I serve him milk in a green cup and water in a blue one. I chose to be consistent with the colors from the get go to aid our communication in the future but hey, there’s no time like the present! Up until now I’ve chosen which he should drink. Today I tried letting him choose. He did well grabbing for and eyeing the cups and I gave him the one he reached for or looked at and named it. It will take lots of practice and repetition for him to understand the concept but I think he can get it! Β I will update with progress.

One thought on “Drink choices

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