Battle of the BIBS

We started using cloth bibs when we began solids at 4months of age. On a first time mom mission to have stain free bibs, I began going through bottles of stain remover. This did not last long! I quickly realized the easiest way to reduce staining was to rinse the bibs out after each use. But then I had stacks of wet bibs laying around begging to be washed. Worst of all-wet bibs equal mildew, which is nearly impossible to get rid of! Cloth bibs are becoming more like disposable bibs because I’ve had to throw so many away. I hate this because I like that cloth bibs reduce liquids from soaking my son’s shirt and when cup drinking comes into play, this is very helpful. Cloth bibs are also good for wiping baby’s mouth since they are soft. So, I purchased polyester bibs with pockets thinking: this is the way to go and over zealously bought 2 packs of 3 bibs. After our first use, I was ready to march them back to the store. The liquid rolled right off and not only soaked my son’s shirt but pants and highchair too. After trialing polyester bibs a few more times, I have mixed feelings on them.  With some wear and mommy manipulation, the pockets on the bibs have begun to stand open and now collects the liquids. This has made a huge difference in liquids not getting on baby BUT you must be careful because the pockets fill with liquids and easily spill out onto your floor, table, counters, you…..pretty much anywhere you wish for them not to! My baby likes to tug and lift his bib which spills collected liquids. A plus for the polyester bibs is that the pocket doubles as a cup holder and reduces picking cups up off the floor. So my question is: Am I the only mom who battles bibs?

Bibs we’ve used:

Aden and Anais-I love their cute designs, soft muslin fabric, and side snap closure but they easily mildew

Tommee Tippee-my favorite cloth bib, it’s terry cloth with a padded neckline, has soft Velcro closure, and is decently absorbent

JJ Cole Collections-polyester bib with pocket and adjustable snap closure, easily wipes clean, provides good coverage (however I have to help baby take his hands out from under the bib to hold his cups, which I don’t have to do with smaller bibs), and has cute designs, just have to be careful not to dump the liquids out of the pocket


Rinse plastic bibs well then turn the pocket inside out and hang to dry

Introduce bibs early on to get baby used to them and reduce desire to resist and remove them

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